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Thank you for your patience over the last few months while we worked on upgrading our Loyalty and Gift Card System. We are happy to announce that our new loyalty and gift card system is ready to go live. As the transition takes place, customers will no longer have the ability to check their remaining balances via our corresponding apps and websites. We have also ended the ability to collect points using the rewards card.

Under our old loyalty program, customers were awarded 100 points per dollar spent, with a free treat redeemable at 5000 points.

Our new loyalty program will convert your existing points to “Loyalty Dollars”.  Current point balances will be divided by 1000. Using the redeemable 5000 points level from the old program as an example, customers will now require 5 Loyalty Dollars to redeem a treat. At the same time, our new loyalty program will award 0.10 Loyalty Dollars (or 10 Loyalty Cents, with 100 Loyalty Cents making one Loyalty Dollar) per dollar spent.

To check your loyalty program balance, please visit your local store and use your phone number at the cash register.

If you were using a physical rewards card to collect points, but failed to properly register it on our website with a phone number, the points recorded with your card number should be converted into redeemable, single-use, loyalty dollars under our new program.  Please don’t forget to register yourself into our new loyalty program by visiting a store and providing the store clerk with your phone number.

If you have any difficulties finding your loyalty program balance at a store, please feel free to reach out to:

We hope you continue to enjoy our products and service and thank you again for being our customer.